how to set row or cell tooltip ?

how to set row or cell tooltip ?

I found how to set column's tooltip.

// set column header tooltip
obj.setColumnProperty("tooltip", function(i){return "Tooltip for column " + i});

but I didn't find how to set row or cell 's tooltip.

//obj.setRowProperty("tooltip", function(i){return "tooltip"});
//obj.setDataProperty("tooltip", function(i){return "tooltip"});
// obj.defineDataProperty("tooltip", function(i){return "tooltip"});

can't work.

how to ? thanks.
March 23,
public Component prepareRenderer(TableCellRenderer renderer,
int rowIndex, int vColIndex) {
Component c = super.prepareRenderer(renderer, rowIndex, vColIndex);
if (c instanceof JComponent) {
JComponent jc = (JComponent)c;
jc.setToolTipText((String)getValueAt(rowIndex, vColIndex));

return c;

over ride this function in jtable
July 2,
lol, its not java code, its javascript.
weird guy lol.
Paulo Cesar Silva Reis (PC from Brazil).
July 3,

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