Click on rows horiz. separator bug?

Testing my "Form validator" sample in web,
notice that if you click just in a rows separator, selects the row in the grid (but not the data)
[could be a bug in my code?] , but I think the row horizontal separator produce it (easy to solve by asign 0px to it and using alternate colors)
Any other solution?.
Thanks in Advance
March 18,
Carlos, Have you noticed that your grids do not work in Netscape 7.1?
April 11,
Thanks Mark, (I didn't know)
My intention was to add some new functionality (mostly for edit/validation), I hope will get soon the "extra-time" to test/modify it for rest-platforms.
April 11,
Hey Carlos, the reason I mentioned it is because I have the same issue where my grids are not seen nor functional in Netscape 7.1. More interesting is the fact that when I test them outside of my web server(ie. C:\ActiveWidgets\examples\grid\test_page.htm) the grid can be seen in Netscape...it's only when I post to my webserver that the page cannot be viewed.
April 12,

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