Link in single cells

I found some solutions on how to link cells in a single column.

Unfortunately the solutions I found in this forum are resulting now in linking all cells and if my functions does not return a link for a given cell, I get a undefined link.

Is there a way to just link some cells and have other cells in the same column just unlinked?

Thanks in advance for any hint or pointers.

BTW: The ActiveWidgets Grid is a great library! I started this morning doing some prototyping with it and everyone in my company I showed the results is just blown away.
March 17,
I posted the same question a few days ago and unfortunately have not found a solution nor have I got a response. :-(
March 17,
Oops, I meant to give you the link too, sorry.
March 17,
I just found a simple solution, copy it here as well:

possible solution is to return null from your data/link property (not empty string or 'undefined'). null is a special value which removes href (or any other) attribute completely (instead of producing href="")

hope this helps
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
March 17,
Thank you very much! That was exactly what I was looking for.
March 18,

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