Editable templates problem

I've to confronted a problem when assigning "onmouseover" and "mouseout" event handers to an editable tamplate (input text, textarea... doesn't metter)

Here is a piece of code:
var tpl = new My.Templates[type];

tpl.setEvent("onmouseover", function()

tpl.setEvent("onmouseout", function()

The template's functionality is being broken in this case: when you are in edit mode and click to another editable cell in the same column, it crashes. Could anybody reproduce the situation and help me, please.
March 17,
You need to define those events inside the Template function.
March 17,
could anybody, please, sketch a piece of code for me?
for example, how to assign these handlers for Textbox template http://activewidgets.com/javascript.forum.1394.35/textbox-template-edit-on-double.html

thanx in advance
March 25,

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