Getting XML data without showing in columns

Say I have the following XML:


I use the XML.Table structure to load the XML, and I want to display columns a,b and c. However, I want to use "otherdata" for some branching logic in the code. Once I have the XML loaded using table.request(), can I navigate the DOM and extract values from this XML file? Even though, my table columns and XPath are set to /xml/somedata

Does this make sense?

January 22,
You can plug you code into table.response(data):

var defaultResponse = table.response;
table.response = function(data){
defaultResponse.call(this, data);
... // do your stuff here

The argument (data) is XML DOMDocument, so you can access it directly from here. In Mozilla I am adding some IE proprietary methods like selectNodes/selectSingleNode, but it's not 100% compatible.

Alex (ActiveWidgets)
January 22,
Thanks Alex! Amazing tool! I keep finding new things every day!
January 23,
Can a solution be posted?

How do I use selectNodes/selectSingleNode?

March 23,
Comparing with Bindows .I like it's UI .hoho
March 31,

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