Accessing the un-visible data? and images using XML table?

I'm new to the control and I am evaluating it for a corporate project. I have two questions that need to be resolved.

I have an XML document that contains all the information for my grid. I can successfully display the grid.

But here's the issue.

I have a GUID that I needs to stored, but I don't want to display it on the grid but I still need to access it when the "selectionChanged" event fires.

I am currently "overriding" my header information with:
obj.setColumnProperty("texts", columns);

And have set the selection changed call back with:
obj.setAction("selectionChanged", message);

My second issue has to do with how to display icon's using the XML table. One of the examples has:
obj.setDataProperty("image", function(i, j){return myData[i][4]});

What would be the equivalent to this with an XML table?

If someone could assist me I'd love to get a prototype built today.
March 12,
I figured out how to get the images to display and access the internal data.

I would like to recommend that you implement some sore of WIKI based documentation or tutorial section. Would make it really easy to post a Tutorial on adding images.

Excellent work.
March 13,
I just added first wiki-based documentation pages.


I really like this idea and hope it will make writing documentation easier. And any help will be greatly appreciated. :-)
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
March 14,

How did you get an image to show, i have a single column that i want to have both an image first then editable text beside it. can you give me an example

David D.
April 10,

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