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The Grid is amazing and I'm grateful to be able to use it.

In the forum I've seen reference to properties that don't seem to be mentioned in the documentation. I've also seen a few messages in the forum where people ask for more documentation and the requests don't seem to get much attention.

I have two questions.

Am I just stupid and if I was a better programmer or documentation reader I would be able to find the answers to all my questions (about, for instance, the properties like "item/index" or "data/link")?

If someone, like me, offered to write and format more comprehensive and in-depth documentation, would someone who understands the code be willing to be available on the phone or otherwise to help guide the process?

March 12,
Sigfried, you are not stupid - the documentation is really in a very bad shape and I will try to improve it at least a little bit during the next weeks and will be extremely grateful for any help in this area.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
March 12,
Just piping in.

The widget seems like a good idea. I really like the presentation.

However, trying to suss out just how to use the widget seems to be more of the task than actually using it.

For myself, some example snippets would be also very helpful.

Would you consider moving to a better BB, obvious one being phpBB, so one could find help a bit more easier?

March 13,
... the weeks turn into months...

Suggestion: Take 3 - 4 days off work, go to a quiet area and write, write, write. Your captive audience of developers will hold you in high esteem. Before you embark on this, ask developers for a "Top 10" of most pressing documentation requirements. The end result will be a better product, satisfied developers, self-respect, more money for you.
June 9,
Finally, a good suggestion to Alex (assuming he can take off for a couple of days). Now THAT is some constructive criticism.
Silixay Xayarath
June 9,
That's assuming he works too :)

That's a good suggestion though... maybe we can all encourage Alex to take more effort here. Sounds like it will be appreciated all around. From experience, a little effort up front pays bigger dividends later. I for one (currently evaluating the grid and toolset) will be more than happy to pay for a licence and documentation.

Great work Alex, keep it up!
Steve N
June 9,

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