Absolute Path

Hello everbody,
first of all great website!
I've tried a few examples, works perfectly.
I 've also tried it with the txt-file as data source.
But when I use an absolute path, it does not work anymore!
Like this:
//provide data URL - plain text tabs-separated file

It is really only possible to use relative path or is it also
working with an absolute path???

Thanks for help!

March 4,
so c:\companies.txt is not an absolute path for a website.
Try file:///c:/companies.txt

regards Metty
March 4,
no, sorry, that does not work!
maybe is realyy only a relative path possible?i do not know!
regards Frank
March 4,
In javascript '\' is an 'escape'-symbol, so you should write something like: 'c:\\companies.txt'. For this reason I always use / instead.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
March 4,
Thank Alex, works!
Not bad man, always again fascinating, it is failing because of one
Thanks again!
March 4,
I have successfuly used both a file share below

table.setURL("file:///S:/Telephone List/TelephoneListNames.csv");

and a UNC path below.

table.setURL("file://3140-pfp3/groups/Telephone List/TelephoneListFaxes.csv");
James Simonetta
November 24,

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