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Sorry for being a pain but I am wondering how I can list a grid of data and highlight just one row and then click on an Amend or Delete button using a form? After clicking on the selected button I need some way of determining what row of data was selected when the form arrives at it new location.

Can anyone help?

March 4,
var message = function(){
window.status = "Grid selection:" +
" latest=" + this.getProperty("selection/index") +
" full list=" + this.getProperty("selection/values") +
" (press Ctrl- to select multiple rows)."

in this function Full List is the list of selected rows. Use an hidden field and assign the full list value (this.getProperty("selection/values")) to the hidden field value when you click on Delete or some other buttun and do the form submition by document.formname.submit();

it will carry the selected list value along with the hidden field you are using.

hope it helps you :)

Ramesh CV
March 4,
Hi Ramesh,

Thanks for your help on the above issue but I am a PHP programmer and Javascript is not my strong suit. I wondered if I could beg you to give a small example of code which would illustrate putting the record selection in place.

Sorry to be a pain.

Look forward to your reply.

Kind Regards,

March 30,

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