single click returns row value, but wipes grid data?

Hi there,

I have a grid, where if you single click on a row, a spefic column (like ContactID) is then called up and a function fires loading a different div tag's innerHTML with the help of XMLHttp, successfully passing the values to the page and displaying correct info.

The problem now is, the object (grid) seems to lose it's data. But not entirely. It remembers ONLY the row you clicked on. The rest becomes invalid somehow. (I loop through all available data within the grid and came to this conclusion)

obj.setAction("click", function(src){ 
    var row = src.getRowProperty("index");
    var column = 14 // hardcoded
    var result = []; 	
    result.push(this.getDataProperty("text", row, column));

after the code successfully fires, I loop through and alert all available rows on the grid (which should be all 50 of them), yet, only 1 displays... the one I just clicked on.

Any ideas are welcome.
March 2,

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