Out of Memory?!


I have little over 6500 records that needs to load in the grid via the responseText from the XML (yahoo example)

It gives me an out of memory on line 24 error?!!??!

This is stupid seeing as I've already suggested to my boss we buy this component because it is so versatile, now there is memory problems?! With a measly 6500 records :(
February 22,
I ran into sizing issues as well.

This isn't the grid's fault as much as it is the browser's. Since most of the grid's UI is mainly div's, 6500 records would take up a lot of browser memory.

The best suggestion is to use paging on the data (see the paging patch that is available in the current download).

Although, even with paging, all the data has to be loaded into the Browser's computer's memory... and this could be limited as well.

To overcome this limit, it is best to user server-side scripting (php, asp, coldfusion, java) to reduce the amount of data being sent to the browser. Using "Server-side paging" should resolve the client's limited memory issues.

A combination of server-side paging and XML/HTTP Request (XML-RPC) would make this a seemless user experience.

This is what I have been working on for the last few months in my (limited) spare time.
Frank (Canada)
February 22,
You've got to implement some sort of paging. Just from a bandwidth point of view, do you really want to be transfering 6500 records over the wire if the user only needs a couple of those records. Does your boss want to be paying for that bandwidth ;). In addition, most UI architects will tell you that showing more than 100+ records to a user at any one time can often be confusing as data that someone is looking for can easily be lost.

The use of XMLHTTP with the grid is excellent for paging. We have an application that we are getting ready to publically deploy that searches through a database with 300,000 records. Only 25-100 records are ever displayed at any one time and the grid is so fast that clicking between pages is almost instantaneous. User's don't even realize that the grid is actually going back to the database every time they select a new page.

February 22,
Exactly Alex. Anyone have a good site with XMLHTTP examples to get and put data into a MySQL db?

My problem has always been with the data serialization (PHP <-> Javascript).


Frank (Canada)
February 23,
I've never seen a site that specifically deals with the XMLHTTP and MYSql although the two issues should really be decoupled anyway. Basically, all XMLHTTP is doing is calling the web page that you request with the parameters that you specify. Its then the backend's responsibility to format the data/act on the data.

A good site to delve into HTTP a little more can be found at http://jpspan.sourceforge.net/wiki/doku.php?id=javascript:xmlhttprequest.

Specifically dealing with the pageing issue,
I simply set the data url for the grid, I send in the page I am requesting and the number of records to return, and then in the backend I retrieve the records accordingly.
February 23,
I've found this package for JSON/PHP (did not try it yet):

Alex (ActiveWidgets)
February 23,

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