XML Islands: how to avoid compatibility problems with other browers?

Could someone please indicate if it's possible avoid XML islands in HTML pages and obtain the same result? I have to load data from different XML files in HTML pages. I have used a XML island in the HTML page, in order to call the XML parser and load XML files. Moreover I have used JavaScript to walk through XML files and extract data. This works very well with Internet Explorer but it doesn't work - for example - with Mozilla. It's clear: the problem is the XML island.
Could someone please indicate another valid method to load data dinamicaly from XML files into HTML pages?
Many Thanks.

Piergiorgio Buongiovanni
February 20,
Google XMLHttp (that is what the grid uses) and then consider one of the cross-browser XML implementations such as http://jsxml.sourceforge.net/. If you go through the source for the grid, you can see how the grid creates an object to manipulate the data it retrieves through XMLHTTP.
February 20,

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