Placing uparrow.gidf near the hyperlink for sorting

I am new to this forum and to JavaScript as well.
I have hyperlinks called "start Date" and "End Date".
(I use uparrow.gif for sorting in Ascending Order and downarrow.gif for sorting in Descending order)
when I am clicking "Start Date" it should sort the items in "Ascending order" by default. This is same for "End Date" also.
After clicking "Start Date", I would like to click the "End Date", then the image for "Start Date" should be vanished and the image for "End Date" should appear with the "End Date" hyperlink.
(Like the one we see in "Date" in Yahoo Mail).

I tried to work out this, but not getting the correct code.

Can anyone help me to place the image nearer the selected hyperlink?

It would be very helpful.
Thanking You.
February 18,
no, cant
February 18,

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