Expansion of grid height to match rows?

Is there any way to adjust or set the .active-contols-grid height value to match the row count value, so that the grid will always expand to show all rows returned in a result set? In other words, I do not want to show a vertically scrollable subset - I want all fo the rows to be visible without scrolling. Thanks for any advice!
Frank Moriarty
February 10,
May someone respond to this VERY interesting question ?
Patrick Allaert
March 31,
I use this trick.
var gridheight =
"column-headers".height +
3 to 5 px for "column-header-borders +
24 px (default row height) * myData.lenght +
1 px * myData.lenght (if use row line separator) +

var stylesheetX = document.styleSheets[document.styleSheets.length-stylesheetX.addRule('#objid', 'HEIGHT: ' + gridheight + 'px;');
March 31,
I tried something similar without success. Details are in this forum post:

Am I doing something wrong?

Is something missing?
April 20,
Here is a post with a solution that worked for us


May 16,

Um, that should be:

May 17,

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