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Users of our application are getting annoyed when they mistakenly click another row without holding down CTL which results in deselecting all the rows they had spent time reviewing and selecting. Are there any plans to create an undo function or anything that will solve my problem?

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Paying Customer
February 5,
First, thanks for buying a license (no joke :-)
Then, please stay professional. If you have issues with site/forum content, product quality, marketing tactics etc. - contact me first. Believe me, I do understand how much is still missing and I am working on it. So any suggestions or critics are important. But then its my call to decide what has to be done first.
As for your question, here is what I can suggest:

<button onclick="restoreSelection()">Previous Selection</button>


var obj = new Active.Controls.Grid;


var sel1 = [], sel2 = [];

obj.setAction("selectionChanged", function(){
    var sel = this.getSelectionValues().concat();
    if (sel1.toString() != sel.toString()) {
        sel2 = sel1;
        sel1 = sel;

function restoreSelection(){

// then as usual....
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
February 5,
Thank you ubermensch!
Paying Customer
February 7,

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