It seems to me that sorting is somehow buggy

or maybe not buggy but somehow mixed, because sometimes it sorts numbers correctly and sometimes it sorts them lexicographicaly (like text). It can be seen on the second example on the AW Grid home page where sorting by file size gives rows sorted lexicographicaly. I understand that it is because of 'kb' on the end but it is not the correct way. When I tried more complex code from http://www.activewidgets.com/messages/1991-1.htm It looked even weirder. When I picked row with SAP from the first table and tried to sort data collumn in third table it sorted it like 8,296.420/SAP/28961/40,986.328/SAP AG(ADR) . Right, I didn't go through the code and maybe it is clear from it but I think could be done better, eg by using user comparator functions or stronger type control with separated 'raw' data and visualy formated data. If I can help somehow I gladly will
January 25,

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