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I'm planning to do server-side sorting. 2 questions:

1) How can I overide the default sort click event with my own function?

2) How can I manually set the style of the header column? Essentially I would like to make a request to the server to sort the data, retrieve the new results, recreate the table, and then set the ascending/descending image style where I want it.

December 9,
Not really sure if there is another solution, but I use:
Hope this helps
December 10,
I just made it this way... perhaps it should be made better by Active.HTTP.Request, but i do not know how to use it.... Maybe I'll make it later...

Redirecting sort function to a Server Side Script query
        var i = src.getItemProperty("index");
        var d = (this.getSortProperty("index") == i) && (this.getSortProperty("direction")=="ascending") ? "descending" : "ascending";
        window.status = "Sorting...";
        this.sort(src,i, d);
        this.timeout(function(){window.status = ""});
grid_obj.sort = function(src,index, direction){
        var column = src.getItemProperty("text");
        var model = this.getModel("row");
        if (model.sort) {
            return model.sort(index, direction);

        var a = {};
        var rows = this.getRowProperty("values");

 		if (direction && direction != "ascending" ) {
 			direction = "descending";
 		else {
 			direction = "ascending";

        /*if (this.getSortProperty("index") != index) 
            for (var i=0; i<rows.length; i++) 
                a[rows[i]] = this.getDataProperty("value", rows[i], index).toLowerCase();
            rows.sort(function(x,y){return a[x] > a[y] ? 1 : (a[x] == a[y] ? 0 : -1)});
            if (direction == "descending") 
        else if (this.getSortProperty("direction") != direction) {
        window.grid_data.location.replace("grid_data.php?fields=*&table=ad&order="+column+" "+(direction=="ascending" ? "ASC" : "DESC"));

        this.setRowProperty("values", rows);
        this.setSortProperty("index", index);
        this.setSortProperty("direction", direction);

And it works fine for me... Should any one tell me how to make with Active.HTTP.Request instead of window.location.replace() ?
December 11,
Thanks for the responses.

The last two lines are exactly what I needed. I have a newbie question.
Where is the setSortProperty function defined? I can't find where it's defined in the source code. I'm assuming it's dynamically created somehow. Can somebody please explain to me how the function definitions are created?

Thanks again!
December 14,

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