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I am playing around with the beta version. I am trying to understand most of the code. I am trying to work with a selection that has been made. I select 1 or more items with double-click and or ctrl-double-click. The fields in the first column are highlighted. How can I now use this selection. Would like to implement it in a supplier-order way.
Create a new order and select multiple products from a popup. I have the whole interface working. Parent-Child form with a button that opens a dialog with grid filled with products. Want to select multiple records and do something with that selection i.e. add to child part of form ect ect.

September 3,
There will be a next beta release soon, which will allow using ActiveWidgets components in React and Angular. After that I will focus on code examples and grid enhancements.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
September 5,
Hello Alex,

Thanks for the update. I will await the beta and meanwhile get a proper demo structure in place.

September 5,

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