AW.UI.Checkbox issue in iPad

Hello friends,

I am using AW.UI.Checkbox in my code, issue is checkbox is not populating on IPad

Please give valuable solution
I am the sin
January 12,
How to reproduce this? Do you see the same issue in any example file in the package?
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
January 13,
No, Actually I had created a AW.UI.Checkbox for populating a AW Grid.
My work is going fine on all browsers, but facing a issue on Ipad. (Not able to see check boxes on Ipad)
January 19,
I am using this type of code in javascript for creating a check box in AW Grid.

var objGridHeaderChkBox = new AW.UI.Checkbox;
objGridHeaderChkBox.setStyle('position', 'relative'); // use for set checkbox margin
objGridHeaderChkBox.setStyle("font-family", "'Helvetica','Arial',sans-serif ");
objGridHeaderChkBox.setStyle('left', '-6px !important' ); // use for set checkbox margin
objGridHeaderChkBox.setStyle('margin-left', '-11px' );
objGridHeaderChkBox.setStyle('margin-right', '-6px' );
objGridHeaderChkBox.setStyle('padding-left', '27px' );
January 19,

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