My misstake or bug when setting selected row?

When I try to use code suggested in http://www.activewidgets.com/messages/1668-5.htm
obj.setProperty("selection/index", myRow);

The thing is that it works fine for every myRow!=0. When I try to select myRow=0 the content of that row is copied to each row in the table (not copied perhaps but shown, to where I get the same row showing over and over again).

And also I'm having problems getting the
-function to work for me (it's presently scrolling the area containing the grid rather than the grid itself..)

I think it's quite probable that I'm doing something wrong and I would appreciate any help/suggestions!

Oh, and also, Alex, thank you for an excellent project, we are placing an order and I agree with previous guests, you should add a donate function.
December 1,
You might want to check your code. I just tested some examples using your snipets and it worked fine for me. If you can not get it working, let us know what browser/version you are using (OS might help too), and give us a sample of the page code so we can try and duplicate your scenario.
Jim Hunter
December 3,

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