grid go blank after scrolling

I am useing ActiveWidgets 2.6.4
After i scrolled in my gird, the header gets blank.
This is my code:
var	 nInokation = 0; 
    function Data4Cell(nRow, nCol)
        return nInokation + ":" + nRow + "." + nCol;

    var grid = new AW.UI.Grid;




    }, 1000);

Thanks in advance
July 17,
Thank you for the sample code - I can reproduce it in the latest Chrome. It looks like some sort of weird Chrome rendering bug.

I am looking for a workaround.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
July 17,
Found any suggestions?
B. Biene
August 1,
Here is the code that should fix it:

.aw-chrome .aw-scroll-bars {
    visibility: inherit!important;
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
August 1,

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