Click event in checkbox throws JS error.

IE11 throws JS error when clicking an AW checkbox. I confirmed this also on your products page. Error:

SCRIPT16389: Incorrect function.

File: aw-2-6-3.js, Line: 57, Column: 1271
Jon V
January 17,
Looks to be failing on e.SetActive():

obj.setEvent("onactivate",function(event){var e=this.getContent("box/text").element();if(e && event.srcElement !=e){this.setTimeout(function(){if(this.$active){e.setActive()}})}});
Jon V
January 17,
Fixed by adding Try/Catch to that statement.
Jon V
January 23,
Hi Jon,

I am also facing same problem.I added try and catch block and error has been removed but functionality not working . My check box not working proper. can u explain in details ? i mentioned my changes below

obj.setEvent("onactivate",function(event){var e=this.getContent("box/text").element();if(e && event.srcElement !=e){this.setTimeout(function(){try{if(this.$active){e.setActive()}}catch(err){}})}});
August 12,
new AW.UI.ImageText();

AW.UI.ImageText.prototype.setEvent("onactivate", function(event){

var e = this.getContent("box/text").element();
if (e && event.srcElement != e ){
try {
if (this.$active) {
catch(e) {
// IE

Add this code at the end in AW.js file located in AW library and update static resource.
Lalit Rautela
August 22,

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