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i have a grid that fits exactly on one screen and doesnt need a horizontal scroll. on a cutton click i show more cols to the right and therefore horizontal scroll is needed and the bar is displayed.
however when the bar appears it covers the last row making it unreadable and the vertical scrollbar doesnt allow to to scroll to view it

any ideas??
November 29,

I am new to using this control and think it is quite cool. I ran into the same problem as Brian and fixed it by modifying the source slightly. I have changed lines 140 and 141 of scroll.js into the lines below and the problem appears to be resolved.

space.runtimeStyle.height = data.scrollHeight >= data.offsetHeight ? data.scrollHeight : 0;

space.runtimeStyle.width = data.scrollWidth >= data.offsetWidth ? data.scrollWidth : 0;


February 2,

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