Grid scrolling does not work when grid first loads

System: Chrome 16 / Ubuntu

It seems that when the grid first loads, the scrollbars are visible but do not function properly for ~0.5s. This can be tested on:

Simply reload the page and click to the right of the horizontal scrollbar in the example grid. If you are quick enough, you will see that the scrollbar moves to the right, but the grid itself is not scrolled.

This is causing other problems for an application I am creating, where I'm setting the scroll position on load, so it is more than just a problem for those with quick mouse skills ;)

I can send a screenshot of the issue, if that would be helpful.

Interestingly, when I try the same test on FF3.6, there is a delay between moving the scrollbar with the mouse, and the grid repainting to the new location, but it does eventually repaint.
January 18,
It looks like this issue is related to the grid design - the grid measures its size and calculates scrolling ranges after some delay to allow the page to render. Are you using document.write() to insert the grid? If yes, maybe try to wait until page load event and then insert the grid using innerHTML? Or maybe just increase the delay when you set the scroll position? Also does the issue exist only on Chrome/Ubuntu or Chrome/Windows as well?
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
January 26,

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