setCurrentRow() with CSS border-top directive

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It seems that ScrollTop calculation does not take account for borders that are set by CSS.

Typically, when grid has many rows, bottom rows near the end can't be reached.

Do you experience the same?
Any way workaround?
Thierry Nivelet (FoxInCloud)
November 8,

Width 'standards mode' doctype adding a border changes the row height because the css height is applied to the content (i.e. excluding borders and padding). To compensate for this you need to reduce the default padding (4px) by the same amount as your border size (1px border -> 3px padding).

#myGrid .aw-grid-row {border-bottom: 1px solid threedlightshadow;} 

/* sizing adjustment for standards mode doctype */ 
.aw-strict #myGrid .aw-grid-row {padding-bottom: 3px;}
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
November 9,

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