FF 7.0.1 Text Wrap fails

I've seen this now on Mac and on Linux. Haven't tested on Windows.

When running the latest version of FireFox, if the header text is larger than the width, the text won't wrap. Instead if shows an elipsis. If you widen out the column, the full text will display.
October 31,
FYI I am running aw 2.5.6 and have tried adding

.aw-text-wrap .aw-item-text {
    max-width: 100%;

to no avail.
October 31,
Anyone else experiencing this? I have hundreds of users on a site experiencing this.
November 12,
if you open \examples\grid elements - headers\wrap text.htm do you see the same issue? Sorry, I did not look on Linux/Mac but on Windows FF 7.0.1 the text wraps as it should.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
November 13,

The issue seems to have been with the mono style or at least a change one of my staff made to it. Switching to system theme fixes it.

I'll investigate further later.
March 23,

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