strange Firefox grid rendering issue

Latest version of Firefox (3.6.13) - AW2.5.5

When i open firefox (or have been logged out of my app due to session inactivity) and browse to a page with AW grid - the grid headers render, along with scroll bars, but no data shows.

If i open a second browser tab in FF and load the EXACT same page - the grid properly renders. I can then close the first tab and carry on as normal.

Anyone seen anything like this and come up with a work-around?

Ben W (ScheduleForce)
January 22,
We haven't experienced this problem and are running firefox 3.6.13 however when our application times out (so to speak) it returns to the login page, so maybe our experience is not comparing apples with apples :)

Jez (True Track Software)
January 25,
We use the same philosophy - timing out takes you to the login page. It is doing this in Firefox in Vista and just tested under windows 7 64bit - and it does not happen there.

I can watch the rendering happen in slow motion on some grids,

1. grid is loading
2. column headings appear
3. scroll bars appear
4. data appears
5. scroll bars are removed if not needed

And it seems that firefox on Vista (and perhaps other browsers/OS's) something is stalling at/before step 4. I'm sure theres more going on than just this, but these are the visual cues as to what might be going on.

Ben W (ScheduleForce)
January 25,
Alex if you have a minute to take a look and comment please do.

I have noticed this does happen intermittently on Firefox under windows 7 as well - although not as consistently as firefox on vista.

Ben W (ScheduleForce)
January 27,

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