Editing links.

I have a column that is the Company title in column 1 with the link being a URL from column 4.

I am able to edit the URL in column 4, but since colunm 1 is linked text, when the user clicks on it to edit, it (obviously) goes to the url. How would i make the text editable and also clickable as a link?

Other programs I have seen just the text be the link, not the entire width of the cell as link.

mydatagrid.setColumnTemplate(new My.Templates.Input, 1);
var link1 = new Active.Templates.Link;
link1.setAttribute("target", "_new")
mydatagrid.setColumnTemplate(link1, 1);
mydatagrid.setProperty("data/link", function(i, j){    if(j==1) return mydatagrid.gridData[i][4]; }); mydatagrid.refresh();
November 21,
December 23,

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