Font-color selected row

I try to have a font-color changed on a selected row.

I use the system css and define in my main page:
#myGrid .aw-rows-selected { background: #CC0711; color: #FFFFFF; }

(ofcourse I defined: obj.setId("myGrid");)

The background is fine and change while selected, however the font-color doesn't.
So I looked in the aw.css (system) where ".aw-rows-selected" is defined using a color. I've ereased the ".aw-rows-selected" from the stylesheet in order to define this statement myself.
Still the font-color isn't changing. Does anyone have an idea?
August 31,

#myGrid .aw-rows-selected { background: #CC0711!important; color: #FFFFFF!important; }
August 31,
Unfortunately that does not work as well
August 31,
August 31,
I think you need to apply color to cells (inside selected rows) -

#myGrid .aw-rows-selected {background: #CC0711}
#myGrid .aw-rows-selected .aw-grid-cell {color: #FFFFFF}

Alex (ActiveWidgets)
August 31,
Great! Thanks for the answers. The code from Alex did the trick! Thanks allot!
September 1,

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