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Hi everyone,
for my website, I have a grid table that will contain multiple rows.
I have a Add and Delete button that can add and delete rows in the table.
Each row is composed by a AW.UI.Combo and a AW.UI.Input.

What I want is to be able to add a row, select a value from the Combo, enter a text in the input, and then when adding a new row, I want the last one to be a simple row that displays the value that the user selected before (it just saves the value if you prefer, but just in the table). Then, if the user wants to change a row, when he clicks on it, the Combo and Input reappears so that changes can be made.

Right now, when I add a new line, the previous one is emptied: Combo and Input are still there but empty, that is done automatically, not from me. Also, if I am editing a row, and I click on the header of the table, then the row will also be emptied. Of course this is not what I want, it should save what you entered.

Does anyone knows how to do this?
April 6,
AW.UI.Combo and AW.UI.Input controls are not intended for use in grid cells and do not link automatically to the grid data. Instead you should be using setCellEditable(true) and AW.Templates.Combo. See the sample code in /examples/grid behavior - editing/
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
April 8,
Thanks for the reply.

However I already tried to use setCellEditable(true), but it doesn't work. Maybe it is because I am still using AW.UI.Combo in the rows, as it works.

I'll try to use AW.Templates.Combo to see if it changes anything.
April 9,
AW.Templates.Combo works as well as AW.UI.Combo inside a grid, however setCellEditable(true) still doesn't work.

I have ActiveWidgets Library 2.0.2, could it be because of that? need an upgrade?
April 9,

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