resizing the column in grid

Image has been set in the grid column header. When i resize the column it keeps on moving.. not able to go somewhere else. Kindly provide solution for this.
April 2,
Please describe how to reproduce this issue. Does it happen with standard examples, which browser versions, which version of AW etc...
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
April 5,
Activewiget version is 2.0 and firefox is 2.0
1. Have the two more column data as image in the grid.
2. Set image in the column header, onmouse over event.
3. after image set resize the column which are the column has image.

I am setting image on "onmouse over event" in the header column. image has set in that column header. That time if i am doing the column resize, problem occurers.

April 6,
echo "$Obj.onHeaderMouseOver =
function ( event, index ) {
if ( index != 0 ) {
if (! array_has ( select_col_index, index ) ) {
// $Obj.setHeaderTemplate(new AW.Templates.ImageText);
$Obj.setHeaderImage(\"favorites\",index );
select_col_index.push(index );
}else {
$Obj.setHeaderImage(\"\",index );
select_col_index = removeByElement(select_col_index,index );
April 7,
Kindly look at this , give me solution.
April 8,
I think the problem is related to the $Obj.refresh() statement in your code - it destroys and recreates all grid html elements, so when you call it inside mouseover event something may go wrong. You don't need to refresh the complete grid control, try to refresh only the header.

Also you can do image showing/hiding just with css using aw-mouseover-header class (which is set on mouseover and cleared on mouseout)
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
April 8,
Thanks a lot. now it is working fine..
April 9,

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