Calc Columns - Suppress Zeros

Using the calculated columns patch I am calculating a nett total figure across a row within a grid.

This works fine, my problem is when I scroll up and down the grid my function kicks in and returns zero's.. Can I suppress them in any way or can my code be made more efficient??

Here's the code

//Calcuation for line totals
obj.onCellValueChanged = function(value, col, row){  
if(col==1 || col==2 || col==3){
var t=type.getControlText();

if (t=='SI')
{obj.setCellFormula('(((column(1)/100)*column(3)-column(1))*column(2))*-1', 4);} // calc line total in column-4 
else {obj.setCellFormula('(((column(1)/100)*column(3)-column(1))*column(2))', 4);} // calc line total in column-4 
                                    obj.setCellData(NettTotal,6, 50);
obj.setCellData(VatTotal,6, 51);
obj.setCellData(Total,6, 52);
var nettrefresh = obj.getCellText(6, 50);  
var vatrefresh = obj.getCellText(6, 51);  
var totalrefresh = obj.getCellText(6, 52);  
var discrefresh = obj.getCellText(6, 53);  

Also is the calculated columns patch now put of the library?? if so I can reduce some of my code...
December 8,
When you call obj.setCellFormula('...', colIndex) - you are assigning the function to the whole column (all rows). If you want to assign it to one row you should use rowIndex as well - obj.setCellFormula('...', colIndex, rowIndex). Probably this is why you see zeros in other rows.

cell formula is not part of the package, I guess you took the code from here -

Alex (ActiveWidgets)
December 11,
Thanks Alex, it was that easy! For some reason I thought you couldn't assign a rowIndex because I the post where I got the patch from didn't show it...

December 11,

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