Password template in a grid

I am looking for creating a password column in a grid. I've tried to set a input template and setting attribute password but no luck.
Has anybody an idea of placing passwords fields in a grid?

Failed simple examples:

var pas = new AW.Templates.Input;
// Type input also failed var pas = new AW.Input;

pas.getContent('box/text').setAttribute('type', 'password');

// Set template in column 3 of a grid

Thanks in advance.
November 12,
Input template does not actually use <input> element - just a styled <span> tag. Unfortunately there is no suitable template for a password type display. Maybe you can solve it injecting <input type="password"> html string into the cell content.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
November 13,
It solved part of the problem. The bad thing is that the input html string does not resize with the column width and it does not look nice.
Thanks for the explanation.
November 16,

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