Locate a grid row via typing

Sorry...I posted this in "all messages" rather than version 2.0 which the customer is using so if this is a cross-post, I apologize...

I have a customer using this product. They have a popup grid that has a bunch of inventory items -- inventory key, description, etc.

They would like to be able to start typing on that screen and have the program highlight the first row that matches their typing, based on the sorting of the grid.

For instance, if the grid is sorted by description, and they type an "S", then the first grid row that has a description starting with "S" would be highlighted.

I can trap the keystrokes no problem through javascript or even through activewidgets. Is this functionality built in to this product or do I have to create it?

September 6,
No, it is not built-in, you have to create it yourself. Please keep in mind, that the grid only creates DOM nodes for the visible cells, so you should search through the underlying dataset and not through the current html nodes.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
September 7,
How is the underlying dataset exposed through aw? Can I do a bubble search, for instance, or do I have to have a separate array? If the dataset is exposed, is it fast enough for searching?

September 7,

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