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I have an applet that utilizes JTable. Some of the things I am able to do in a JTable is the following: highlight a portion of row let's say from column 1 thru 5 or highlight entire row and by right-clicking on selected row be able to copy data or paste data into selected cells. I can right click on selected columns/cells/rows and by right-clicking bring up a dialog box, fill in a value and this value will be entered into the cells I've highlighted. I can also by right-clicking and choosing from a menu insert or delete a column/row from a table. I am looking into redoing my applet as a JSP. However, before I do I need to know if I can migrate functionality that I am able to do in JTable into a DHTML table.
Alex K
November 2,
so what about my question?
November 8,
The current version of the grid (1.0) is read-only. What you've described should be possible to add but it will require a lot of work as it is not part of existing release (for example current selection model only supports selecting the whole row).
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
November 8,

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