When Coloing the individual cell with different logic for stock data updat from http request..performance is slow


I am using licence version of 2.5.4.. We are developing the real time update application for stock trading application. I need to set the color of the txt on individual stock data. I Need to update the 5 columns with red or blue color by comparing data in grid with incoming data from array.

Grid is 20 columns & 200 rows...

Grid works fine for data update without color. But when try to set the color for the cell after comparision and use setstyle ans setcelltext. The cpu is 100% and PC hangs.. 1GB RAM... This is in procution and we have to replace this with AW grid.. It is urgent.. Pls HELP
Ravindra Joshi
August 14,
Please look at the sample code in

\examples\grid data - realtime\quotes.htm

This examples displays changed cells in a different color. The color is applied directly to the html element for better performance.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
August 14,

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