How to set calendar in grid?


In our company we are using aw_2.5.3 version.
My requirement is i need to add a calendar in to a grid cell based on some conditions. i may need to add 1 to 100 calendars based on requirement. By iterating the list i am loading the grid.
And every calendar has the same input name.
Please any suggestions
How to ressolve my problem?
July 16,
I think I follow you.
Why not use the iterator you are using as part of the calendar ID?
Thus if the Calendar ID is "Cal" as you iterate through the list, it would become "Cal1", "Cal2", "Cal3" ... etc.

Or better yet, instead of using the iterator, use the row, col
So each calendar would have an ID of "Cal21" (row 2, col 1), "Cal63" (row 6, col 3) ... etc

This way could could keep track and have access to each individual calendar's value and not even have to remember what iterator you were using (since it would be a combination of the row and column).

Now, that is assuming I understand what you are trying to do.
Hope it helps.
July 19,
Hi John,

if you add 100 calendars it could slow down your application. If you add your conditions as attributes to your cell and build the calendar on the fly when you need it, your grid will load faster.

I didn't use it yet, otherwise I'd sent you the code, but that is what I would try to do.

Good luck,

July 19,

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