Problem with colwidths

I having a problem setting particular column widths but it only occurs in IE and not in Mozilla.

I have a grid thats 40 rows by 40 cols. I seem to hit a problem after about column 25 or 26 whereby no matter what colwidth I give it it seems to default to some value.
I've tried moving the column using setColumnValues but this seems to move the problem column size also.

As a result all cols after 26 in the grid in IE display with a default size no matter what size is given. If these cols are moved to the front using setColumnValues they use the default value also???

Is there a threshhold value somewhere thats resulting in the colwidths after a particukar point in the array being ignored???

November 1,

I was expecting problem to start from column number 21st not 26th

See the code below for explanation :-) Copy the pasted code one more time and edit it to have all 40 columns z-index in decreasing order.

FYI: It is required to change runtime folder to source. Otherwise merge changes in compressed CSS too.


.active-column-0  {z-index: 99}
.active-column-1  {z-index: 98}
.active-column-2  {z-index: 97}
.active-column-3  {z-index: 96}
.active-column-4  {z-index: 95}
.active-column-5  {z-index: 94}
.active-column-6  {z-index: 93}
.active-column-7  {z-index: 92}
.active-column-8  {z-index: 91}
.active-column-9  {z-index: 90}
.active-column-10 {z-index: 89}
.active-column-11 {z-index: 88}
.active-column-12 {z-index: 87}
.active-column-13 {z-index: 86}
.active-column-14 {z-index: 85}
.active-column-15 {z-index: 84}
.active-column-16 {z-index: 83}
.active-column-17 {z-index: 82}
.active-column-18 {z-index: 81}
.active-column-19 {z-index: 80}

Sudhaker Raj
November 1,
thanks for the reply,

I've copied the extra cols like below but they made no difference.
I'm still using the activeui.css and would rather not change it if possible.
Is there other specific changes that are referenced in grid.css ???
Also any ideas why this is only an issue in IE and not mozilla?

thanks again.

.active-column-20 {z-index: 79}
.active-column-21 {z-index: 78}
.active-column-22 {z-index: 77}
.active-column-23 {z-index: 76}
.active-column-24 {z-index: 75}
.active-column-25 {z-index: 74}
.active-column-26 {z-index: 73}
.active-column-27 {z-index: 72}
.active-column-28 {z-index: 71}
.active-column-29 {z-index: 70}
.active-column-30 {z-index: 69}
.active-column-31 {z-index: 68}
.active-column-32 {z-index: 67}
.active-column-33 {z-index: 66}
.active-column-34 {z-index: 65}
.active-column-35 {z-index: 64}
.active-column-36 {z-index: 63}
.active-column-37 {z-index: 62}
.active-column-38 {z-index: 61}
.active-column-39 {z-index: 60}
November 2,
November 29,

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