change the style of a row and keep it

me again...
i found some threads to this topic, but none answered my problem..
i want to change the style of a specific row... what i do is:

obj.getTemplate("row", index).setStyle("background", "#000000");
obj.getTemplate("row", index).refresh();

this works... but if i sort or do a complete refresh EVERY row
becomes black :-(
whats wrong?

if i use this style:

.active-grid-row {background-color: #bbbbbb;}

my mouseover - row - highlighting doen´t work any more, the row keeps
its backgroundcolor...

thanks for your help!

October 29,
finally i found a solution by myself... thanx anyway and more questions will come soon... ;-)
October 31,

Any chance you could post your solution - I'm having the same problem?

February 15,

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