GRID column sort(DISABLE)

my grid has 4 columns, all sortable except for the third column. I dont want the user to be able to sort the grid by clicking on the header of third column. how do i do that?

i noticed that onHeaderClicked() is called when header is clicked & it calls doSort().

# how does the header object get its $name(obj.$name gives 'Header')?
# how do i make the third column un-sortable?
# is there a way to over-ride onHeaderClicked() ?
Siddarth Naik_131226
May 20,
// disable sort for third column (index=2) 
obj.onHeaderClicked = function(event, index){
if(index==2){ return 1} // cancels further processing
else{return 0} // line not needed ( for example purposes )
May 20,

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