Grid Date format bug

Hi Alex,

I have an XML source with some dates in "yyyy-mm-dd" format. I'm populating the grid and telling it to format these dates using "mmm d yyyy"

The format day is off by -1.

The data says

The grid shows "Mar 11 2009"

To see samples of the data and grid being used go to
May 14,
I forgot to mention. I'm using the developer version 2.5.3 I downloaded today.
May 14,

You may need to specify the timezone (it could be that the source is assumed to be GMT and the output is your local timezone).
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
May 14,
I tried that and it didn't work.
I tried both
setDataTimezone(-4*3600000); // EDT
setTextTimezone(-4*3600000); // EDT

I did try one thing without setting a timezone, I replaced
"<lastUpdate>2009-03-12 4:00:00 AM</lastUpdate>"

and it did the trick.

I also tried the following:
"setTextTimezone(0);" gave me the correct date
"setTextTimezone(1);" gave me the correct date
"setDataTimezone(-1);" gave me the wrong date
"setTextTimezone(-0.0001220703);" gave me the correct date
"setTextTimezone(-0.0001220704);" gave me the wrong date

It's definitely not working as intended.
May 14,

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