append more data to grid

Can you load the grid with infomation, then (say), click a button, and another group of data gets added to the same table?

adds XML to Grid.


click a button, and adds this XML.


It doesn't even have to be a button, it can be automaticly. Can this be done?
October 22,
So can you add more to the grid using two XML files??
October 25,
I am wondering the same thing. I can see how to do this via the js array method, but I am wondering how I can have the grid append data from an external web service. Basically, I want the grid to download the first 25 records. Then if the user requests the next 25, the grid would go out and retrieve the next 25 (I would handle the paging via GET variables). Right now, all I can see is that the dataset gets destroyed and when I do another retrieval, I am starting with a clean dataset. I obviously could just have the datagrid retrieve 50 records instead of 25, but I'd rather append the new page of data to the table instead.

Anyone have any ideas?
December 5,
Hello all.

I am trying to accomplish this with a JS Array, I am able to do it by refreshing the whole page where the grid is (the grid is inside of an iframe and all the data comes from the parent, so I append data to the js array on the parent and reset the src property of the iframe so it reloads and takes the new data from the parent), however I would very much like if if I could do it without refreshing it since it does take a little bit of time, I tried calling [iframe].[grid_obj].refresh() but it does not do anything.

Can anybody help? Thanks.
December 6,
How can we 'add' two xml responses?
Assuming both xml have the same schema, is there a way to append xml1 to xml2?


//high level
NewXML = table1.getXML + table2.getXML

to get this 'NewXML' will I need to parse and manipulate ending of returned XML1 and the beginning of XML2 and them put them as one? Is there another way?
September 14,

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