Grid problems for IE

I have some problems using grid with IE. No problems for Firefox or Safari. Please help me~!

1. the final Korean character of a word input in a grid cell is cut off for all versions of IE.
e.g.) I want to input "°¡³ª´Ù", but ActveWidget accepts only "°¡³ª".
2. IE 6.0 crash problem with Korean words input.

The above problems are about ActiveWidegt 2.5.x and maybe about CJK charsets. The old 2.0.x was good.

3. when I insert a grid combo box, the box size is enlarged horizontally.
i.e, the horizontal box size does not fit to the maximum word length.
The problem is associated with IE Temporary Internet Files option, and occurs if the option is set to "Every Time I visit the webpage". This problem is about all versions of ActiveWidget and IE and no relevance to specific charset.
September 21,
Is it possible to reproduce the problems 1-2 with an English version of Windows? Maybe using Character Map application?
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
September 23,
Hi Alex,

I've sent a mail with some attach files for this problem to support@activewidgets.com. This board needs to have a file attach option.

September 30,

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