Grid content "below the fold" unresponsive in IE 6 and IE 7

I have a grid with (currently) 97 rows of data. I cannot perform cell editing or row deletion for anything "below the fold." For example, if the page displays rows 1 - 16, and I scroll down to edit row 17 through 97, the webpage goes back to row 1 as soon as I click anywhere on row 17 through 97.

Everything works as expected in Firefox 2.5 and 3.0.

I tried a different doctype as suggested in a different posting. The grid behavior worked correctly, but the page layout blew up.

The ill-behaving version is posted at:


Is any fix available other than changing the doctype?



chuck.lafleur at facilities.gatech.edu
Chuck La Fleur
June 18,
I can edit further down in IE 6. But only because my window displays more rows. I can't edit past row 43 without it jumping back up.

Have you tried changing the grid to be scrollable instead of having the grid full height and scrolling the page?
June 19,
I need to correct my statement above. I can edit cells below the fold, but I cannot delete a row below the fold. Using a scrollable grid does not change the behavior.
Chuck La Fleur
June 20,
Doesn't seem to work in IE7.
June 21,
The grid control sets the focus to the hidden input element in the top left corner of the grid. What happens is IE scrolls the page to move the focused element into view. You can possibly prevent this if you assign an event handler to the page scroll event and restore the scroll position.

var scroll;

obj.onControlActivating = function(){
    scroll = document.documentElement.scrollTop;
    document.documentElement.onscroll = function(){
        document.documentElement.scrollTop = scroll;

obj.onControlDeactivated = function(){
    document.documentElement.onscroll = null;
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
June 21,
Thanks Alex. That fixed it.
Chuck La Fleur
June 23,

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