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first of all, thank you for your work:) and happy new year!
I follow this project for a while now and the improvements are really going fast and correspond to real business needs.
2 questions (v. 0.2.3):
1- It would be nice to have when you call a webservice 'something like' a progress bar or a text with 'in progress/loading' because most of the users will think...nothing happens...you know what it is :-)
2- HTTP authentication required username and password. If I do not want to setup myuser:mypass@www.myserver.com... do you plan to add new method to do it? data.setUser("myuser"); data.setPass("mypass"); ??

Thank you.
December 30,
Off course, I was talking about WebService proposing the way to call it with GET or POST parameters directly in HTTP like MS.net.
December 30,
Valid points! I will add username and password methods. And progress bar :-)
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
January 5,

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