empty cell formating

Another wierd thing that was happening to me...

I have a number format on an empty cell and instead of an error like i would expected(and recieved form the date format) it just keeps going. It places 0's in the field that i would like to be empty.

this is what i am trying

var number = new AW.Formats.Number;
table.setCellFormat(number, msk);

I also tried setErrorvalue() but to the same effect. It doesnt seem to even hit as an error on empty cells.
Ryan G.
May 23,
See this:
May 25,
so that was wierd, it seems to work for my numbers but not fo rmy money... before it would just give a stack overflow error.
here is the code

var money = new AW.Formats.Number;
money.dataToText1 = money.dataToText; 
            money.dataToText = function(data){ 
                return data ? this.dataToText1(data) : ""; 
table.setColumnWidth(80, msk);
            table.setCellFormat(money, msk);
Ryan G.
May 27,
nevermind, nothing is working, as i change the data in the table(reload the cells with new information) i get a stack overflow error at this line

return data ? this.dataToText1(data) : "";
Ryan G.
May 27,

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