Auto height grid

Is there a fix for the auto size grid, or are we still doing that by hand?

table.setStyle("height", "auto");

is freaking out on me, shrinkning the table to almost nothing.
Ryan G.
May 22,
Sorry, could you explain? Would you expect the grid control to increase height automatically?
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
May 23,
there are 2 cases i am handling but not very effeciently

the grid to fill the page completely without going over, even if the window size changed.


The grid not having enough rows to fit the screen, so it will only display what it has, without haveing empty white space at the bottom.

I am handling it like this

table.setStyle("width", "100%");
    if(myCells.length >= 24)
    table.setStyle("height", "60%");
    size = 96 + (myCells.length * 18 - 16);
    table.setStyle("height", size);

if(myCells.length >= 24) ** 24 just happens to be how many rows fit on my screen :S

I saw the "auto" choice in height and it seemed like what i would want, but alas, it failed on me, the grid became so small you could only read part of the header. Any suggestions or improvments would be greatly appreciated.

~Ryan Garabedian
Ryan G.
May 23,
Well, 'auto' usually does not make sense without specifying min and max values range, so you need some code anyway.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
May 27,

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