sort lag

I am using this for a very large dataset 8000 x 30+ and when i try to use the built in sort it does not respond until i click one of the scroll bars. I can click it and wait as long as i want but nothing will happen until the grid moves. Is there a way around this, like a grid refresh in a clever spot?

~also im having the same problem with formatting empty cells.


**with the fix given here i get a stack overflow error.

Ryan G.
May 19,
updated problem, now it errors out on most of the data when i try to sort. I have no idea if this will help but it says at "line 97 char 3776 error invalid argument" my line 97 has nothing on it, even when i take out some empty lines(to try and change line number) it still says line 97. Please tell me this is not me being crazy. :(
Ryan G.
May 20,
ok, nvm, i dont know what i did but i cut all of my filtering attempts and it works fine again.
Ryan G.
May 20,

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