Currently Sorted Column

Once you intialize a grid, getCurrentColumn and getCurrentRow return 0 since the default selected cell is (0,0).

Now if you click say the third column header to sort the thing (0,0) is still your currentrow and currentcolumn, because at this point you have not actually clicked on a different cell, all you have done is clicked on a header.

How do I tell what the current header selection is? That is, which columns header was clicked?
Eric Juvet
May 9,
Figured it out. One way to to do this is make a variable called curHeaderColumn and an onHeaderClicked function.

obj.onHeaderClicked = function(event, col,row){curHeaderColumn = col}

Eric Juvet
May 10,
This value is stored in sortColumn property -

Alex (ActiveWidgets)
May 13,

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