styles on tab objects

The simplest way to describe the problem I am seeing is to use the supplied examples. Under controls - tabs, in the file page0.htm. The first two lines read:

<!-- markup -->
<p> Mini application </p>

If you remove these lines, save the file then open the code.htm file in internet explorer. The styles are no longer applied to the objects on the tab. For some reason the tab REQUIRES some type of text for the styles to be uses on objects on the tab.

I am trying to load a html page that is all AW widgets on div tags, the styles are not being applied to the objects causing incorrect placement on the tab. The only way it works properly is if all the styles are on the main page.

Any help appreciated.

Erik Dobrie
May 1,
It looks like sometimes the style block is not executed in IE when inserted via innerHTML. It works fine in FF and Opera, but does not in Safari. I'll try to find a workaround - currently maybe you could just add some hidden text before the style block, for example
<div style="display:none">&nbsp;</div>
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
May 2,
The hidden text seems to do the trick for now!


Erik Dobrie
May 2,

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